Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Special?

Rude Paul upside down, just because!
Another week has come and gone, all too fast it seems.

Personally, my week was pretty quiet. I did get my formal acceptance from the Trans Ohio Symposium for my workshop.

Coming up during the week, I will be working through some of my ideas on climbing transitional walls as transgender women.

Last week, a couple of my least favorite critters, "Rude Paul" and Jenner made news. Paul once again stirred up the trans pot by saying trans women had no place on his "Drag Race" show. Supposedly, he had to quickly back off and apologize for his comments, because now he is reaching a wider audience on a different network.
Two more of my least fave people.

Perhaps you have heard too, Caitlyn Jenner announced her "love affair" with t-Rump is over and he (45) has set back the transgender community 20 years. Well..."duh!"

Finally, Saturday turned out to be a very busy day for me. First, I went to Liz's karate class and then we went shopping for groceries. The only thing of note happened when I startled our 40 something bagger. She ended up looking me over from head to toe. It's been awhile since that has happened.

During the afternoon, it happened again with two male employee's in one of the huge big box home improvement stores. As it turned out, I more than doubled my projected walking steps, so I hope I furthered my weight loss gains.

So the week went all too fast! 


  1. I understand that many within the Trans Community find Jenner difficult to accept, for a number of reasons, here in the UK we are not as exposed to her as you, and I simply never watch those awful "reality" shows. I did watch the interview between her and the loathsome Piers Morgan, I was glad I did as I could relate to so much she said, especially concerning sporting achievements (I didn't attain her standard, but then few do) and her attitude to "him". All too often I hear Trans women who refuse to acknowledge their pre transition existence, it was good to hear someone with such a high profile saying that they were still proud of much they had achieved and did.

    It also appears that she is prepared to admit when she is wrong, we need more people in the public eye to feel enabled to do that.