Saturday, January 6, 2018

When the World Fades Away

This morning I tagged along with Liz to her karate class.

The class is split into two groups, one for teens through adults and one for kids. So, I get to encounter all sorts of age groups. Again this morning I encountered very little (if any) reaction to a transgender woman in their midst. I guess the ultimate test for going stealth.

As I write about here in Cyrsti's Condo, I always thought I would be the last person to write about going stealth in any kind of a positive manner.

These days, I see the stealth process as a natural progression into yet another stage of a Mtf transgender transition. Buoyed by positive comments from my friends and acquaintances (un-solicited), I have gained the confidence to move forward in the world.
Now it seems, the world is repaying me the favor, by getting out of my way and just fading away.

As Connie has written: "A trans girl's best accessory is her smile." I would add, once you get to the point of not caring what the other person thinks, your smile becomes even more important!

At that point, stealth becomes you.


  1. I tend not to think of it so much as going stealth as to just getting on with life. I don't (often) wear a badge saying I'm trans, I don't bring it up unless it's necessary, but at the same time I don't deny it either.