Sunday, January 28, 2018

Still Fighting

Perhaps you remember the post here in Cyrsti's Condo concerning the transgender boy here in the Cincinnati area who was removed from his parents home. Staying would have resulted in suicide.

The father, kept telling him to go ahead and commit suicide while the mother pushed long and hard for 'Christian Conversion Therapy'. The trans kid was/or would be subjected to being read bible verses six hours a day.

What is happening now is in the court's hands. His grandparents have stepped up and volunteered to take charge and help the trans boy. In other words, to basically save his life.

If you recall too, the idea of teen transgender suicide is all too real here in the Cincinnati area. A couple years ago, Leelah Alcorn (right) committed suicide by stepping in front of a semi truck near her home on an interstate highway.

Thanks to intervention this time, hopefully such a tragedy won't happen again!


  1. Such tragedies WILL keep happening again and again until such religious driven 'conversion therapy' is made a criminal offence to carry out, and any request to have such religious driven 'conversion therapy' carried out on any individual without regard to the age of the individual is also made a criminal offence.
    If both the 'therapy' and its procurement are not made a criminal offence then the death toll from such barbarity will keep rising.

  2. I agree! But the alt right is still too strong to do it in most spots. Say for example the City of Cincinnati has banned it and now parents just go to the suburbs. It is sad, I have a trans friend whose early life was wrecked by it!

  3. The 'alt' right is not some alternative right wing. They are the same old reactionary extremist right that has ALWAYS been around. The only new thing about them is they now have a decent PR campaign, and access to media outlets.
    I was NOT talking about city council based ordinances and by-laws. I was talking Federal and State Laws.