Sunday, January 28, 2018

Another Trans Reset Complete

Just when you think (or thought) your legal male past has been erased, my old male name appeared quite unexpectedly on my new bank documents.

As I have written here in Cyrsti's Condo, I absolutely recoiled in disgust when I saw the name on my new bank cards and checks.

Well, yesterday, my new checks came with my correct name. Which matched my new bank cards. I need to point out too, it was over two years ago when I completed all possible MtF gender marker changes. Ohio is still one of the states who is resisting changing gender on birth certificates. So, as of now, that option is still unavailable to me until it changes.

I don't know if I mentioned too, I have met a transgender woman whose hormones are so screwed up, she registers as pregnant on her blood tests. She plans on using it to her advantage and is going to be petitioning the state for a gender change on her birth certificate.

As far as I go, I know I have a couple other pieces of documentation I have to get changed,  and yes I am a procrastinator! One is my term life insurance policy and the other is a college fund for one of my grand-kids. All just a matter of a phone call or two.

In some ways, I view the whole process as a just another needed problem to solve and other times, what a pain in the rear! 

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  1. I still do, and probably always will, get mail addressed to my old name. It's all junk mail, really, that comes from mailing lists that are sold without my direct approval. I don't pay any attention to it, other than the annoyance of having to throw it into the recycle bin. I would be more than annoyed, however, if my bank reverted to using my old name.

    I have yet to change my name on some important things, as well. One is our mortgage, and that could be a problem should we need to modify our loan or sell the house. I'm having a bit of trouble with the Medicare/Social Security/Supplemental insurance connection right now, as my gender marker is not consistent among them. My passport still shows a big "M", as well. It seems that the different government agencies won't readily recognize the papers of another when there is an inconsistency. I've been running in circles over this, and having to wait on hold for close to an hour at a time, in hopes of talking to a representative who actually knows enough to give me valid information, just frustrates me to the point of giving up. It seems so simple a thing to me, yet all of the red tape causes me to crawl back in my hole of procrastination (AKA, depression).

    In the state of Washington, there is a bill to change the law that would allow one to choose the either, M, F, or X on the birth certificate. I don't necessarily want to be an X, but I don't want to be a F on a certificate that has been stamped with "REVISED" across it either. I know this happens in some states. For me, though, it's all moot. I was born in conservative Arizona, and not having been a resident of that state for 65 years still does not release me from being subjected to their idiotic laws. My birth certificate may never be changed, then. I don't know how that might, eventually, affect my death certificate, but I guess I won't care anymore, once that is issued.