Monday, January 8, 2018

Busy Week!

This is one of those weeks when everything seems to back up on me.

Even though the bitter cold is going away, we are expecting some ice today, which to me, is the worst of all possible weather worlds. Nearly impossible to drive on of course. Later on in the week though, we are expected to have temperatures rising into the mid 50's (F). Seeing as how I have the mammogram on Thursday, that is good news because I always get lost and have to walk a fairly long distance from the parking garage to the hospital annex I'm going to. I have the unique ability to go the wrong way almost every time.

Looking ahead towards the weekend, Liz and I have a social meetup meeting Friday and a pending small moving trip up to Springfield to move some pieces back down here to our storage unit in Cincinnati which is a round trip of about 150 miles.

Also, we have Liz's work holiday party (better late than never) this week to go to. It's a casual affair, so I won't have to plan much ahead for what I want to wear. However, Liz bought our tickets for her "Black Belt" karate dinner late in the month. It is more of a formal dinner and I have a couple of potential outfits in mind. I wonder if there are name tags we make, if I should add my preferred gender pronouns...not!

Many times I am torn between decisions and/or the idea of this is what I Mtf transgender transitioned for. It becomes fun until the night of the event, since inwardly I am so painfully shy. Unless, I make a concerted effort to smile, I come off sometimes like a snooty bitch. Not good.

On the financial side, this is the week I am changing banking institutions for various reasons. The only main drawback/hassle is changing over where my Social Security check is direct deposited into.

Also this week, are the final days to enroll in a couple on line blogging courses that are deeply discounted. I am interested to discover if I can learn more about the more technical aspects of blogging. We will see how that works!

So as you can tell, the week will fly by! 

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