Ghosts of Christmas Past

Christmas Day brings back memories of my deceased wife, who was hugely into Christmas.

Even to the point of having a separate gift exchange for my cross dressing self. She had very few problems with my cross dressing, but made it very clear she couldn't accept any part of me being transgender. So, I did the unnatural thing...I hid it.

Every Christmas Eve though, I couldn't wait to open my "girl gift", which normally was a very nice sweater, or a sweater/skirt set.

I remember being quite fond of a fuzzy tight fitting pale blue sweater I received one year.

My wife has been gone now almost nine years, and it took me a good seven to even begin to celebrate the season again. But with the help of Liz, I have (although we actually celebrate "Yule" on a separate day.) 

Overcoming 65 plus years of Christmas with all of it's fond family memories is something I don't want to forget. I found I have to put the whole season in perspective, even with the non acceptance of my only brother.

I hope all of you can too, and begin to look ahead to a 2018 full of good will.