Friday, November 24, 2017

Transgender Black Friday Shopping

For years I wanted to brave the crowds and go shopping on Black Friday.  It seemed like one of the ultimate feminine things to do and I wanted to check it off my cross dressing bucket list.

I just couldn't connect the dots, having my work schedule combining with my deceased wife working at the same time, so I could go out. For years though, I always was able to arrange at least one day to do my special feminine shopping. During the trips, I was able to learn loads about the possibility of going 24/7 as a full fledged transgender woman.

An example was the night I bought a piece of oak furniture for my wife and needed help to load it. The male employees ended up loading the whole item in my SUV as I stood back and watched. It felt so good!

Back to my first actual Black Friday experience: I chose the closest big mall to me and got a reasonable start after I dressed to blend. Once I arrived and battled for a parking spot, I made it into a mall full of mainly women. The estrogen was palpable!

Lesson number one, no one paid a damned bit of attention to me.  Everyone was on a mission.

All too soon, my trip was over as I had to get home and get ready for an afternoon shift. I finished the morning with a lot more confidence in my ability to live as a trans woman, and I checked another item off my bucket list.

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