Friday, November 24, 2017

Transgender Hypocrite?

This morning I got into a political disagreement on Facebook! Imagine that :).

As you Cyrsti's Condo regulars know, I don't hide my contempt for the current president or his administration. On the other hand though, for the most part, I allow others to express their opinions on my feed except in the rare? occasion I can't help it and come out with some of my cynical replies.

Plus, if the truth be known, some days I just look to get a rise out of whomever.

This morning though, I chided someone for being trans and liking the Cheeto. I feel like I can't support an anti LGBT president...I just can't. Call me a leftist or whatever...I just can't.

Writing the Blog
Somehow this morning, the conversation proceeded with me pointing that out to the other person. She ended up writing I was questioning her transness. Now, I may have been questioning her rationale (which I just don't understand) and, I know so many don't understand mine.

The end result was she blocked me and I called her a hypocritical bitch.

The sad thing is, I always enjoyed discussing politics and can't anymore plus I could give a rat's arse less about being more or less transgender than another person!

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