Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Dog's Life

Yesterday, I mentioned the sad quandary I have found myself in with my companion of nearly eighteen years, my dog. She has reached the point where the only humane thing to do is to put her down. (Euthanize her.) I have always been a dog person and out of all the dogs I have had, she was most receptive to my feelings. Even to the point of coming over and laying with me during my lowest points. I am sure most of you have a dog story too, and here is Connie's:

"I'm sorry about your dog. That's a difficult decision to make on your part, but I imagine that it is also painful to see a friend in such distress.

The only dog I ever had was during my childhood. We got her just a couple of months before my father died of cancer when I was eight-years-old. I'm pretty sure the puppy was brought in to be a comfort for my little brother and me after the terminal illness took our father's life. For a few years, the dog was the only one who ever saw me cross dressed, and I took further comfort knowing that she didn't judge me at all. 
I was seventeen when my mother remarried a jerk who found the dog, not to mention my brother and me, a nuisance. I was so glad when I could get out of that house when I went away to college, and I'll admit that I was more concerned at the time about leaving my dog behind than I was my brother. When I returned home for the summer, my brother was there, but my dog was gone; "given away to a man with a farm." I never learned the whole truth, but that SOB was a sociopath who manipulated everyone with lies. My dog had more worth than did he.

I have a lucky buckeye! It was my grandmother's, and I found it among her jewelry in the safe deposit box after she died. I don't know how lucky it is for me, though, because my wife now wears the $40,000.00 diamond, while I'm just left with a nut. (lots of jokes and puns to be made from that!)

I'm curious to know your "100 yard dash" time. Would that be in heels, or not? :-)"
Sorry about your dog too and you are right about dogs not making a value judgement about how you are dressed.  They (dogs) definitely have move important things to worry about other than their owner being LGBT, transgender or a cross dresser! They need attention :).
As far as the "nut" joke goes, we hear the "worthless nut" slang around here. Usually after a loss and no, I don't have a 100 yard dash time! Plus I always walk it in my tennis shoes. Boring, I know! 

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