Tuesday, September 19, 2017

In Good Company

Both Pat and Connie commented on recent blog posts concerning the seeming "normalcy" of being transgender within the general public.

Of course, much of that has to do with where you live. I have written many times, I live close to the "demarcation" point of overall acceptance where I live on the East side of Cincinnati. Head east into the next neighboring county and you find hotbeds of Evangelical Trumpers waiting to condemn.

It speaks volumes though, to the amount of people anymore who really don't care or pay attention to the average transgender person on the street.

For those of us who do, Liz and I have seen at least five trans men and women working in the area where we live over the past several months. As Pat has noted many times here in Cyrsti's Condo, familiarity breeds knowledge with most transgender women and men. Sometimes it even goes as far as celebrity status.

I have a very close friend (going back many years) who has invited Liz and I to her fall "bon-fire" party in a couple of weeks. She is a great example of acceptance which I appreciate mightily. We are going to really try to make the hour and a half trip north to the party to see her and her husband and perhaps meet some new friends.

New friends mean a wider circle of people (mostly religious) who can say they (at the least) have met a trans person. They find I have had all my shots and don't bite. Plus I will have a chance to see a great friend again!

Yes, normalcy and/or ordinary is good when you are LGBT, sometimes though it is hard to accept it when you experience it.

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