Friday, September 15, 2017


In addition to the busy week I have had, the weekend looks just as promising.

Tonight (Friday) we have a circle meetup with the Wiccan group Liz and I are a part of and interesting enough, another transgender woman may attend for the first time. Since we normally only have about ten to twelve people attend, having two trans women there would be special!

Then, tomorrow, we travel the hour or so trip up to Dayton, Ohio for a Pagan Pride festival. We are mainly going to plug our Cincinnati Witches Ball in October and sell a few T-shirts. However, I am supposed to meet my daughter and her friend there, which should be a great time.

It's times like these, I am fortunate to be secure enough in my presentation to not have to worry about it!

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  1. Your last two posts show your trans life to be extraordinarily ordinary. That's great! We'll always be trans women, but day to day living should not have to be centered on the "trans" part of it. It's a long way to have come since those days when being trans was almost an obsession, don't you think?