Thursday, September 14, 2017

Running LGBT Errands

Yesterday was one of those days where it seemed like all I got done was a list of "do's."

Arranged into all my stops was a visit with my therapist, which went predictably as planned. Except,I had this deep down feeling of well being before I went into to meet her.

I guess it was easy, considering never in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I would be able to transition so far in this transgender life I have decided to live. Here I was in a waiting room basically full of women waiting for others with an appointment and no one gave me a side glance. I knew I was doing something right at the VA. (Veterans Administration).

Plus on a higher level, seeing all the vets in wheelchairs (many with limbs missing) made me feel grateful to be in one piece.

Other than that, for some reason, the woman who runs the Starbucks coffee place in the hospital, treated me like it was old home day. Most of the time, she basically takes my order and ignores me, so I don't know what that was all about. She said she hadn't seen me in a while and I could only say I was doing better with all my medical conditions. I didn't say coming to the hospital just to hang out was not my idea of a fun time.

I also had to stop by the attorney's office to make a payment on a bill and tell them I was working on picking up a death certificate. (Which I finally found which county had it.) Both receptionists were more than nice.

Finally, I have to keep telling myself, to most people I run into at least must consider me a respite of sorts from the boring public they deal with.

Which is different and fun!

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