What Makes a Girl?

Lately, I have read some mostly unsettling comments concerning the need for genital realignment surgery, and I had to add my two cents, of course.

I'm paraphrasing, but essentially the comments were a variation of the same old ones which said no matter how much surgery one goes through, you are still the same person sexually.

In essence that is true and does make a great argument for transgender women and trans men when you think it through from our angle.

Take me for example. I am not seeking any "bottom surgery" but in my mind, genitals don't make the person anyhow. I still feel like a woman and always have. I just took a different path than most all other cis women to get here.

To be sure, my breasts, full head of hair and softening skin give me the sensual experiences of being feminine and help me to project my true transgender self to the world, but if they were all taken away tomorrow, I wouldn't change.

Plus yesterday, I had one of the rare days when I felt my makeup, clothes and overall appearance were the best I had experienced in a while. Even still, I am the same person gender-wise, a girl. I just aligned all my personal stars for a change.

I still am amazed at the number of people (some of whom went through GRS) who obviously didn't know, or think through the total changes which would occur. Many I think, just wanted a vagina for some sort of an ego trip, not the deep down urges of body/mind alignment. Otherwise, they wouldn't be so bitter about the process.

In this day and age people, transgender or not need to have a better understanding of the differences between sexuality and gender. Especially in the overall LGBT world before they start spouting off about it!


Connie said…
I don't know that "spouting off about it" was the best choice of words here, given the subject matter. I know what you mean, though. :-)