A Pleasant Surprise!

Yesterday as Liz and I were doing some quick grocery shopping, we looked up and noticed a transgender woman manager in the store! (Krogers)

Plus, her son works at a Walgreen's which has hired a transgender man at their store. It was interesting as her son was arguing "CeCe" was a girl until Liz pointed out the pronoun guidance words of "he/him" on his name tag.

Sometimes I do believe we have come such a long way as a transgender community, only to have the disappointment of the military trans troop ban slap me back into reality.

Hopefully the courts will be able to win the day!

Can't help but wonder when and if "45" (Rump) will come after the care of trans vets.



I fear that he and his henchmen will start attacking the VA right before he rolls back the DADT rules. And for those people that hope he will leave soon, just remember who his replacement is.
Cyrsti Hart said…
Unfortunately, I agree !