Monday, July 10, 2017

Cincinnati LGBT Pride and Mo'

First of all, I would like to pass along thanks to all of you who sent along condolences to Liz and I following her father's death. It meant a lot!
Second of all, it occurred to me I hadn't written a post concerning my day at this year's Cincinnati LGBT Pride celebration. The weather turned out to be flat out glorious for the day and the turn out was enormous. If you have never been to a big Pride event, people watching is a must!

I was in my element attempting to "peddle" our Ohio Valley Witches Ball T-Shirts, Cookbooks and Candy Bars. Plus, I could pass out brochures about the event. Something to the effect of if you get me talking, I can't shut up.

After being called "Ozzie Osbourne" once, I had a great day of acceptance and saw a wide range of folks from several other transgender woman friends, to some drag queens from Rude Paul's Drag Race. What sort of disappointed me was I had to wear a thick men's style T-Shirt from the Witches Ball to be like everyone else in the tent. But I survived.

Because of the weather, many lesbians just wore "pasties" over their nipples, so I suppose there was plenty of sun block used or plentiful sunburn the next day.

A little less harder to survive were the women's rest room facilities. Cincinnati has built a multi stall permanent restroom building in the park where the event was held along the Ohio River, complete with stainless steel prison style toilets. As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, don't assume women keep a rest room much better than men. It was hot, damp and littered with paper, bottles and cans. Needless to say, I did my best to squat and not sit on the toilet itself. As Liz told me, welcome to her world and at least it wasn't a "porta potty" of some sort. For those of you who don't know, a "porta potty" is a portable toilet not known to be anything thing other than gross.

All in all though, Pride was a wonderful time and I even got a little flirt from a couple "Bear" gay guys carrying their flag. Of course Liz noticed and offered to introduce me! I was "Skeerted", but they could have changed my outlook on life again I suppose.

So I can't wait for next year's Pride parade and festival!!!

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