Sunday, June 4, 2017

Let the Sun Shine In!

Just as I was down today, I received a txt message from an old friend who hadn't seen me since I started to transition. And, I knew accepted it 100%.

She was coming to Cincinnati today and wanted to know if I had time for a quick cup of coffee. About two hours later we were able to meet up at a coffee shop with her daughter and two grand daughters which sort of made the afternoon a girls day out.

After she commented on my head of dark auburn hair, we got down to chatting about people we knew in the past. A pleasant time I think, was had by all as the "tweener" grand daughters of course were busy on their cell phones.

Once again, I paused to reflect on my Mtf transgender transition and how fortunate I am to be accepted by loads of people. All except my only brother's red neck Southern Baptist in laws which he doesn't have enough backbone to stand up to.

Her trip today was way too short for very many of my inane stories. I was able to pass along how bad it was for me to have to stop on the Alabama/Mississippi line to pee on the bus tour to Mardi Gras we were on.

I am going to have to save a good one for every time she comes I guess so I don't bore her. I think the night I helped blow dry a fellow bitch's hair who wouldn't move from in front of the only hand dryer in the woman's room would be a good one! She was short and very neatly fit almost under the dryer. Plus she had it coming.

The problem becomes I have accumulated too many experiences over the years not to bore civilians with my exploits.

She did have one profound thought. In years past when she thought I was being bitchy. How right she was!  

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