Sunday, June 4, 2017

Transgender Acceptance...Part II

Thanks to Paula and Chris for checking in on the Cyrsti's Condo post from Saturday concerning the relative ease of acceptance from cis-women or cis-men.

Paula had a couple good observations I would like to re-share: "I have certainly found women to be more accepting into their confidence, and "sisterhood", I suspect that has more to do with threat levels than anything else. As a trans woman I no longer represent any sort of threat to Cis women, but I now constitute a different type of threat to Cis men, somehow by rejecting my own masculinity some men will feel that I am undermining theirs."

It's so true that when you attempt to remove any sexual tension between the binary genders, communication and even attention flows more smoothly. 

I do believe too though, some women are surprised they are still attracted to us and/or vice versa. Sometimes there must be something about a feminized man that is a turn on. Outside of the fact we transgender women and men are living our lives as we desire. Something the great majority of the world can't seem to do. 

Plus, back in my out and about social days, it was not uncommon for a cis-woman to confide in me problems she was having with her man and asked for any insight I might have as I straddled the binary genders.

As for cis-men, you are exactly right. They re afraid that dress in their closet may beckon too strongly.

Finally, meeting one of the rarest transgender members of the LGBT umbrella does have it's draw for some civilians.

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