All Quiet on the Midwestern Front?

When we last visited, I was chatting about taking my car into the repair shop. Well about 400 dollars later, a couple bearings have been replaced and the "Rolls" is back on the road. I shouldn't complain, have of the work was under warranty so it could have been a lot worse.

Interestingly, one of the younger guys I deal with there was on duty and took care of checking me out. (Taking my money.) He is pretty cool and just said "Hi Cyrsti" and took care of everything. From there we stopped at a grocery store and came on home. Such is life?

Every once in a while I do flash back in my mind to the days when I was considering going 24/7. Was I indeed more than a cross dresser and was there anything wrong with that? (No!) Even still, the thought of never wearing male clothes again was at the same time scary and exhilarating. For me, the choice wasn't completely clear until I took a leap off a cliff and tried it.

After I did of course and settled into a feminine lifestyle, I knew I had made the right choice but I had it easy. I took and early retirement and didn't haven't to worry about Mtf transitioning on the job. For the most part too, I had a tight knit set of friends and family who accepted me as a transgender woman. So I didn't have to totally restart my life again.

So, when I bitch and moan about the small things like being mis-gendered here and there, I have to step back and remember how good I really have it.