Thursday, August 18, 2016

Trans Dar?

Any more I don't know if mine works, or if it just serves to put me into a mine field.

Take today for example. I went to my first endocrinologist appointment at the Cincinnati VA Hospital Center. The difference being the Cinci center is much bigger than my former one in Dayton, Ohio. I checked myself into the "Endo" waiting room and there was a woman sitting there by herself. For all the world she looked trans but when I tried to speak she shot me a withering glance.

So I don't know if she truly was or wasn't transgender which brings another question, "Why does the potential for abuse exist at all between trans sisters?"

I know Connie for one has touched on it. As we pass each other on the street, we still carry enough ego to think being "busted" by another trans person is some sort of failure. After all, if we "passed" each other, we could pass the world?

The woman today quite simply could have been a bible thumping/snake worshiper from nearby Kentucky or rural Ohio.

If she was, I wonder what she would have thought about my female Muslim Doctor?

Maybe I could change my "Trans Dar" to "Arse Dar" with the glaring woman because my doctor for one knew little to nothing about transgender women or men and was very cool.

Trans-u-cation is always good!!!!

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