Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Life in the Transgender Lane

Over the years (as I have written) I have not considered myself much of a "girly girly" girl and that's OK. In fact I will accept a hefty dose of gender fluid to describe my life, if I was allowed to.

What I mean was, I don't know totally know what type of woman I would be. ( A tom-boy?)If I followed in my Mom's footsteps, a strong one which doesn't necessarily mean she wasn't a product of her WWII generation. She dressed and looked the part of a school teacher and somewhere along the line I was able to pass the strong woman to my daughter (as she wrote me in my Parents' Day card this year.)

So maybe I did pass along my Mom except for the fashions - which sometimes I wish I had.

I think if I was writing this to myself ten years ago when I was considering jumping off the cliff from my cross dresser period into a MTF 24/7 transgender lifestyle, I would have considered these thoughts.

On one end, the experience has been easier than I expected with more good and caring people I could have ever expected to encounter. And, of course I never would have had I not transitioned.

On the other end though, the experience has been extremely tough and I would never recommend it for the faint of heart. But this week alone I have encountered two younger "no doubters" concerning their transgender status.

So life in the transgender lane was something I really never could avoid to begin with. I just didn't know it!

***As a sidelight, a big congratulations to "D&D" on the their engagement yesterday!!!!!!

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