JJ's Sunday Edition

Welcome! Ker Plunk! The Sunday Edition is hitting your virtual front porch!
Weather: Ohio summer heat, humid with a chance of monsoons, let's grab a cup of cold "joe" or iced tea and get started.

The Week that Was or Wasn't: With the appearance of a real live transgender woman speaking at the Democratic National Convention, the Dems drew a definite line in the sand with the "Lets Make America White/Straight Again" Republican minions. Also the week saw the the NBA moving it's All Star game and approx 100 million dollars out of North Carolina. The bigoted governor there still refuses to cave in to pressure to protect transgender rights.

Yesterday's Coffee: Opinion: Friday night I had the pleasure of attending a monthly all inclusive safe haven event with a very young friend of mine who is exploring his gender (ftm). Of course at my age I have a difficult time even remembering even when I began to come out. On the bright side, he asked me tons of questions which began to get my mind moving again. We were both fortunate to listen to a wonderful transgender woman speaker- as the speakers can be on most any topic.

The Back Page: Thanks for taking your precious time to stop by JJ;s House! Be safe and remember I luv you all!