Friday, July 29, 2016

To Go or Not to Go

Tuesday I took a trip out to a nearby lake to cool off, relax and meditate. All of that came off as planned with no problems until I was half way home. My Rolls decided it was time to blow a thermostat in the cooling system (or so I was told) by the fix it guys and I had to partake in one of my fave pastimes-getting it towed.

Unfortunately over the years I have made riding in the cab of tow trucks somewhat of a norm. Depending where I am and how close I am to someone I know, I just have to hitch up my big girl panties and go for it.

Normally, the whole process is a look at where I am or am not in my Mtf gender transition.

When the driver pulled up in his big, bad truck he called me dear, which calmed my nerves somewhat. (One night, I had a guy who didn't want to tow me at all.)

As normally happens though, during the half hour ride, his illusion of me as a damsel in distress began to blur. Not to say he was nasty at all, if anything he didn't seem to care anyhow. He was off to haul his next car.

I was back in to my mechanics who unfortunately know my Rolls all too well and the transgender woman who brings it it.

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