Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spousal Consent?

With all the wonderful backing we (as a transgender group)received from the Federal Government yesterday, I picked up this blinding face of reality from one of my social sites almost at the same time.

The problem this person was having was, she was nearly and figuratively at the end of her rope with her gender issues. She really didn't know how to identify as a cross dresser or a transgender woman and worse yet had a very reticent wife (although I know every story has two sides.) In fact there are blogs dedicated by wives hating on former hubbies who took the 401 and ran to Thailand...and not for a vacation. So I understand to an extent.

When a person though, is reaching out to end it all, I just can't stand it. After all, in the transgender community we know almost half of us will try to commit suicide as I did.

It's tough, of course I recommended therapy for both of them. After all, how reticent is the wife? Many women withstand the so called shock of hubby wanting his own feminine finery-if it is just that. Or, if wifey has a picture of Ted Cruz on the mantle, then there is a real problem.

I have always thought too that how you present (or presented) the fact you were/are a crossdresser has more to do with acceptance than the act itself. You can be the most attractive male acting cross dresser in the world and blow it at home if you come storming in the door some night with a beautiful dress which happens to be yours.

I also believe one of the biggest and overlooked point about cis women is they have ego's too. They married you for a purpose, and it's up to them to decide if they want to explain to their Mom's and girlfriends what foundation looks best on you.

My point here? Save your self the turmoil by covering up what nearly never goes away. If you can get Ted Cruz's picture tossed in the trash-maybe you can open some spousal consent channels.

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