Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Right On! Target

Cartoon Time

I am sorry rest of world. Then again maybe you need all this stupid upheaval in America to forewarn and or entertain you of what could happen in your country.

Peeps boycotting Target is the latest.

You have to know they would be shopping Walmart anyhow. But hanging out with a bible outside of a Target? Really? The bible thumping churches and ministers must have the flocks stirred up and mobilized. I do however, have a long time trans woman friend who grew up in an Evangelical home and she warned me they (Evangelicals) would just dig in their heels and refuse to move the more they were pushed.

Before all of this started, I always found Target a pleasant place to shop and in fact Liz and I made our way into a Target Saturday night to shop for a few items. We will shop there more now of course.

Now, as far as the other two go? The pix say it all! 

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