Thursday, March 31, 2016


From Connie: "First, I must compliment you on your new pic and page layout. Your new glasses look good on you! If only your bookshelf in the pic were as neat as the one you've chosen as the background in your template. :-) Of course, I'm wedged in between piles of papers that will eventually be organized into a tax return, so I should talk. :("

Thanks on the glasses :) As I said at the time, "A blind squirrel roots out an acorn every now and then!" Although I never would have predicted it, the new "specs" have really helped me to see (ha) and even present better.

I thought the template was interesting as it is the polar opposite than my work space which as you can see is about as unorganized and worn out as my hair color. Liz and I are working that one out :) 

I like this:

"More than just lactating? Now, there is a new one we could promote to put a bigger spotlight on the restroom issue. Imagine a transgender woman breastfeeding a baby in public! It seems that every year or so there is a public breastfeeding controversy story in the news, and the complainant usually suggests that the nursing woman take the activity into the ladies room. As ridiculous as this thinking is, how ridiculous would it be to demand that a trans woman use the men's room to expose her breast? (even if there is more breast exposure to be found on a North Carolina beach in the summertime)"
Transgender Woman Breast Feeding

I have seen stories about transgender women breast feeding and had a cross dressing friend who used to hit the mall's in pregnant drag. 

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