Saturday, March 5, 2016

Just Being Me

This morning Liz and I made our way to one of our fave groups-the Cincinnati Creative Meetup folks. A bunch of them fancy themselves as writers (as I do) but even I have managed to scratch out a bit more work than most.

Momma Karma though normally puts one or both of us close to an interesting person, regardless of their past literary successes. Of course (like it or not) I am sort of an attraction because I am transgender. 

Today, the person who ended up sitting between us for coffee and breakfast was a veteran too and writing about her experiences as a cis woman vet.

Of course we went from where and when did we serve to and what sort of care were we getting from the the VA. It turned out I thought mine was better in Dayton than hers in Cincinnati, which is probably not unusual.

From there came the fun part when I told her I was invited to the women's vets Memorial Day Picnic in Dayton this year and was tearing up as I told her. Not as bad though as when I made the point about Caitlin Jenner backing Ted Cruz, the all time worst choice of the candidates to support any LGBTQ rights.

With that, an exciting day of grocery shopping awaited and no we didn't see our friendly heels and hose cross dresser at the market, this time I really want to talk to her!

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