Monday, February 22, 2016

Just Bouncing Down the Transgender Highway

If you recall, a couple posts ago, I "bounced" from T Central into another blog in which the subject (and I paraphrase) was why so many women are seemingly attracted to a cross dresser or transgender woman. 

I wondered this too during my early days of being out of the closet as I had way more attention from women than men when I became a widow. I came up with a couple different conclusions such as: a cis woman wonders just what you are doing in their world, some admire our blatant honesty for being who we are born to be and on another level the natural sexual tensions between the genders are lessened. 

Plus, I know too, how cis women are natural "re-builders." In many ways a man in a dress could be the ultimate challenge. My example comes from years ago. A very accomplished, attractive cross dresser who attended our transvestite "mixers" back in the day. During one meeting he announced he was done with cross dressing, getting engaged and never coming back. I have always wondered if he purged and did put away his frocks and makeup for any length of time.

You all know as well as I do, what a slippery slope we are on. Indeed our first foray into Mom's or Sis's clothes could be just that-curiosity. Or, we could be beginning a life long journey into a gender discovery. Unfortunately, the highway often is a very lonely journey and one the greatest majority of cis women don't want to make.

I love to flirt as much as the next woman, it just has been more natural for me to flirt with another women. So I found the post to be great fun.

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