Saturday, February 13, 2016

It's COLD Dammit

Yes, the deep freeze has caught up with us here in Ohio and to add insult to injury, we are going to have a sizable amount of snow for Valentine's Day...time to stay home and snuggle.

My point of all of this is, if you are considering a MtF gender transition in a climate which changes seasonally, you have to consider what you are going to do about it. Unless you are much better than I am, it's tough to venture forth in cute snow boots with heels and bruise a hip. (Bad for my age.)

My problem is I am an extremely short term planner. Back in the day job interviewers would ask me what I planned on doing in five years. Early in the game I learned hoping I would be alive was not the right answer, or being a woman.

So now, after going on my second year of needing a seasonal wardrobe change, I think I have it down. Even though I can't wear heeled boots, I try to add to my boot collection every year now while they are on sale. 

Something that will be new for me this year will be the ability to go get another professional pedicure on my toes when I start wearing warm weather sandals. Then, I can retire my tennis shoes into an only exercise/walking shoe category.

I hate to say this but I think I'm fairly well set up in the tank/summer top category this year. However, I never say never! What fun would that be?

Plus, a lot could change this summer when I get my Medicare changed over and maybe I could get them to pay for a couple procedures, breast augmentation and a deviated septum surgery. I read somewhere a person ended up getting a nose job out of the deal. It's frustrating when I see a more feminine person peeking out of the mirror behind the person I'm looking at when I know that is just being shallow. I gave up being a mirror dweller years ago.

Most of these obviously are just dreams and goals, but then again without them, one's life becomes as cold and gray as the winter weather around here. Can't let that happen! 

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