Earth Guys are Easy?

Earth Girls Are Easy.jpgAs I research topics for my next book, old subject matter comes back on a regular basis. Some of it is fun, other not so much. Some of it depends on when it comes along in my regular three to four in the morning wide awake time. So much can happen which others don't think of. For example, if you know what a CPAP machine is, I wear one and will not go anywhere without mine (if we are going on a vacation.) Very simply, it's the most UN- glamorous (Silence of the Lambs) piece of equipment one can wear on the face, and mine seemingly waits until the 3 o'clock hour to attack. 

Usually though, my CPAP has a companion harasser in the next room called a toilet. You see, I'm on Spironolactone to decrease my testosterone as part of my HRT. Spiro is very good at causing the kidneys to eliminate unneeded water and sodium from the body into the urine, but reduces the loss of potassium from the body. In other words, it makes me pee. Hopefully around the "bewitching" hour of three so I can multitask.

So, last night's topic of thought was thinking of chapter titles. Amazingly,one came to me, "Earth Men are Easy" which of course of I "flipped" from the 1988 movie "epic" I saw called "Earth Girls are Easy" .

The reason I think it is a good title is the way my life has gone during my MTF transition as I weaved my way through the main binary genders of male and female.

For the most part, men and I have left each other alone, mostly I think because of a built in distrust when I went to play for the "opposing team." For some reason they think I can see the games they play?

What  they don't know is, it wouldn't really matter as for the past seven or eight years I have built my life around lesbian identifying women, even though (at times) they are a brutal group to get along with.

Finally, as I have to consider my age and health, I truly don't get as many chances to get out to my old "haunts."  When the Doc's tell you no hormones if I don't, that's a no brainer- even for me.