Friday, November 20, 2015

We Got Mail

Well, maybe not mail-but comments on one of our fave transgender women, Caitlin Jenner. She continues (it seems) to be a lightening rod of opinion within the trans community. Perhaps more than the so called outside world. 

I agree with this comment from "Shelli Anne Mulka":

"I feel rather sad looking at those such as Caitlin who literally spends ten of thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgeries BEFORE starting HRT to create a "Barbie Doll" image of what they perceived being feminine is all about. Those of us who go the slower route of HRT naturally changing our bodies over many months are so very much more in tune with natal females maturation. 

I feel the Caitlins of the world are missing out on a large amount of the total female experience, never knowing the experience of a second adolescence and all it entails."Real" women are grown, not manufactured ."

In many ways too, this idea of "feminization" (over a space of time) is the only way to experience a gender transition. And yes, Caitlin just jumped from closet to closet.

Plus, Connie added::  Well, if being named a "Woman if the Year" by Glamour Magazine is on your wish list, you'll have to wait until next year. If you think that Caitlyn Jenner being chosen this year is of help in dispelling the evil thoughts of others, check out what Rose McGowan has said, and then read some of the comments made by trolls on the numerous sites that are reporting the story. I have to admit that I'm a bit pissed, myself. Not because Caitlyn is starting to live her "authentic life", but that the media is playing off of it. Without even having been out for a whole year yet, she's been awarded as many times as Bruce was in two Olympic games four decades ago. That doesn't keep her from being like you, though, because she tends to open her mouth and jabber something crazy, too. Crazy is not necessarily bad, but Caitlyn tends to also say stupid things. She needs a good sit-down with someone like Kate Bornstein (who often says some crazy things, herself).

Thanks Ladies! The only thing I can add is- as (I have written i the past) am I missing the Caitlin Jenner Foundation for troubled transgender kids-or we will have too wait for season two of her Kartrashian show to hear of it?

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