Monday, November 16, 2015


Did I still spell it right? Or more importantly, do  I know what it means? Sometimes I do - I think. Until someone asks me. Then I am not so sure.

It's like Friday night when the transgender man (at the meeting I was at) who took a moment to point out Caitlin Jenner was not a good example of the overall transgender community. As we all expected Jenner will look the part increasingly as a very attractive woman, but how  much true transition Caitlin has experienced in her gilded trans closet remains to be seen.

Then, later on in the evening (of course) the biggest elephant in the room was heard from- what about the rest room gender issues we are suffering from? The trans man spoke to the fact  that transgender women seem to have a tougher time with the restrooms. A woman (cis) asked what restroom he used. The reply was the men's room and of course when the topic came around to me-I said the women's. I added that even though I felt my choice was the right one to make morally, it often was the safer one. I can't imagine just walking into a men's room anymore and using the urinal-without definite repercussions. Perhaps physical.

Bottom line is, I have yet to figure out exactly what line one crosses over to claim a successful so-called transition. I mean if you go on appearance, sometimes I can go days without so much as a side glance. Then, it seems every other person wants to be rude and stare. 

I do think though, a transition begins long before one meets the public. It's not a secret women spend (or should) much more time on hair, skin, weight, clothes etc than men.It is yet another BIG reason it is tougher to transition to the feminine side of the fence than vice versa. 

So there you go. Can't say I am not a little envious of Jenner's appearance.But then again most other women would be also. It's tough for most of us to afford the personal trainer, fashion assistant and extra surgery Jenner was "born into." 

Caitlin may have to jump out of that mirror and into the world (without the heels).

Maybe that's what a trans-i-tion is truly all about.

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