Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Life As We Know it Now.

I was thinking it has been awhile since I have tried to update 'Y'all' about what's going on with me. Actually not much. But, if you missed it, I did actually stop my estrogen patches on Sunday. Since that time (For whatever reason) I have managed to cry about everything it seemed. Not sure it means anything yet. 

Health wise, I am feeling better, but won't know any real news until later next week when I go to my endocrinologist. I have found I can go on the VA on line health site for my records then compare them with the diagnosis with on line medical text books-and they matched. The diagnosis was doing phlebotomies  - or as one Doctor said "Change out my oil." As of now, I am into the second of a possible six appointments. 

Now, on we go into why we are here. What's happening with that pesky transgender deal you have going on Cyrtsi? It's been tough to describe but I feel internally I have gone stealth. I am just me. Externally, some days my passing privilege seems to working and life is a bit easier than others. On those other days (like anyone else) I want to strangle many of the rude ignorant peeps I run into.

Other than that, by FAR, Fall is my fave season of the year and it is beginning nicely. Sunny days and highs near 80. 

In my case lately, slower is better and my goal is to adjust to it!

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