Monday, September 28, 2015

Just a Cross Dresser?

I love it when I am running behind and Connie steps up (on her walker) with a comment which serves as an entire post for me. Basically, it comes from a recent Cyrsti's Condo post I wrote on "tipping" the gender scale from cross dresser to transgender. An answer which often is not easily answered and on occasion is - with passion:

Funny you should use the word 'experience'. I think that when we go about living our daily lives without the forethought of each event being an experience, we then get to that point where we have tipped the scale. This doesn't mean that we've fallen into a hum-drum existence, necessarily, but the difference is in our mindset. For those of us who started our journeys by cross dressing, it was all about the experience - whether closeted or "out". I know cross dressers who still, after decades, are looking forward to their next 'experience'. For me, as exciting as it was to do things (in attempting to validate myself), I soon grew tired of what I had come to realize was merely a game I was playing. I had been using extraordinary means in order to find an extraordinary experience (of trans womanhood). As I began to just live my life without expectation of experience, I found that the ordinary was more comforting and validating than the experiences I had "set up" for myself before. Thus, I I find the extraordinary by ordinary means."

Thanks Connie!

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