Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Trans Generational Gap

This morning was yet another re-visit to the VA (I am a transgender Army veteran). It was time for a check up on why my body seems to be in love with processing and storing all the iron it can. The doctor doing all the diagnosing is one of the few I have ran into who is close to my age. He is also the one I showed for the first time in "Boy Drag". So I guess I had it coming-being called "he" throughout the whole appointment. 

In this case I didn't give a "rat's arse" what he called me-as long as he told me a little good news-which he did.  I was really paranoid he would say "you need to get off HRT"-he didn't. 

Plus, what was really heartening was, his female assistant kept saying "she" and glancing at me everytime he mis-pronouned me. And to take it farther , all the nurses I encountered - so I could set up my next round of appointments-called me she-all 20 something and comfortable with a trans person.

So maybe Connie, my closet in the back of the nursing home may have high speed WiFi for my computer yet. Because,today (once again) the  younger generation continue to impress me with it's lack gender bigotry! 

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