Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Tale of Three Blonds"

Saturday night (as I have written previously here in Cyrsti's Condo) Liz and I stopped for a late dinner at a place called "The Senate" known for it's "gourmet street food." (In Cincinnati) The venue itself is in a long straight room and everyone sits at tables along the wall-the bar is on the other side. Liz ended up sitting against the wall and I sat with my back facing the aisle. 

Where I sat, to my left was one (older?) blond in a little black dress - positively entranced with the man she was with. I think she was a 40 something girl, not small but well put together. What I found to be interesting was how positively uncomfortable she was in that dress.  Now, I believe every woman has a goal or an idea of what she is trying to achieve in an outfit. This woman's idea was good-she just got ambushed when she learned she couldn't cross her legs under the table easily (the dress was very short) and she became uncomfortable. She did make a couple rest room trips of course for "adjustments" and he hit his cell phone immediately.  I will leave the rest to your imagination!!!

The other two blondes were to the right of me and were with a guy who sat in the center. The three were most definitely 20 somethings out for a night on the town. I found the girl almost directly across from me to be interesting because she was going bra less, looked to be very athletic in her shorts and breasts about my size. Why? Because my breasts look about the same if I go bra-less. I would have killed for her legs though. As is the norm all the women were bare legged. The "older" girl you could see her leg veins were just starting. The younger ones of course were flawless.

I have always said it has been interesting living life as a transgender woman. Rarely did I ever have a physical attraction to a generic-mostly I had deep feelings of wanting to be them. One thing though, I doubt if very many other people on the earth study woman any closer.  

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