Monday, August 10, 2015

Cyrsti's Condo "Potty Break"

Taking a much needed trip to the women's room has always been a tough post for me to write. For several reasons. 

  1. Using the rest room of your chosen gender separates the casual "oh well" bystander into the not in my restroom you don't "separatist."
  2. There are no hard and fast rules on rest room usage. Every time in the past when I came up with five, someone would come up with five more. All just as good.
  3. Common sense is always a good way to start looking ahead for a potty. Obviously, using the rest room in an upscale bookstore is smarter than a redneck bar on a Friday night.
  4. Any idea which "demographic" could give you the biggest fits? Over the years, mine has changed. Except- women in the 45+ age bracket seem to be the most negative to me. (Then again, they may hate the length of my hair or what I'm wearing and they are from the generation who grew up with the idea with the restroom being a place to hide, fix make up/hair and gossip-let alone pee.)
  5. Don't panic and don't run. Remember in most establishments these days, staff and management may be trained to deal with a transgender person-in fact embrace us.
OK, I know those are very broad strokes but as I wrote, many of you have your own- based on where you go and how many times. I do believe though, I am seeing more and more unisex restrooms. After all, it makes economic sense for a new business or public building to build in unisex restrooms.

Ancient  Cross Dressing "ego" selfie from a woman's bathroom
And, oh yes, can't resist-I haven't seen Caitlin Jenner even discuss or consider the idea-then again too-she could build her. Or, take a "Porta Potty" behind her motor home.

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