Friday, August 14, 2015

Classic Binges

I am a huge fan of classic movies-specifically from the 1930's and 40's. On certain days/nights I'm stuck on the Turner Classic Movie channel. I love the fashions!!!

In the last day or so, TCM ran almost an entire day of my fave ginger ever-Ann Margaret and before that Robert Mitchum. Both of them stand out in my mind for two very opposite and confusing reasons. (of course.)

Although, I knew I found Ann to be impossibly beautiful, I especially was drawn to her smooth nylon clad legs. Even though I could never expect to look like her, I could experience the thrill of freshly shaved nylon clad legs.

As far as Robert Mitchum goes, my true feelings about him surfaced years later. Similar to Ann Margaret, I knew I could never hope to look as good and be as smooth (in a rough way) as he could.

These days I put Mitchum on a very short list of men who I would have their baby. How short you ask? Anson Mount from AMC's "Hell on Wheels" series and Zack Cozart-the shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds. (See I told you it was short!)

Ironically, the farther I progress into my transgender life, I understand more and more the true meaning of my gender and sexual fluidity. But, I still don't know how much of the sexual side I missed. More than likely quite a bit because the extra amount of suppression I put into thinking there was no way I was gay in anyway shape or form.

However, none of that matters now- Mitchum was too old for me anyhow!!!

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