Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Caitlin "Cruz"

With all the right wing Republican candidates out there in the primary, it seems I have a bunch of names yet to tie in with our girl Caitlin Jenner. Actually, I may have been to quick tossing "The Donald's" (Trump) name into all of this-indeed he maybe the one the least likely to spurt out homophobic or transphobic comments. Just a guess. As far as Cruz goes, from the first time I saw the Evangelical Tea Party Senator from Texas, I thought why doesn't he come out of the closet and get it over with?

To the point-here is Paula's comment from the UK:

"We should not be surprised that some transgender people have views we find difficult, that they have politics other than those we understand. Apart from that one single factor of being trans we are just like everybody else, just as likely to be intolerant, stupid, vain, and ignorant as anybody else. Being trans does not (necessarily) make somebody a nice person, any more than it makes then well informed or intelligent.

Sometimes I rejoice that there are now more trans people in the public eye, but we do have to remember that they are not in the public eye initially because they are trans, they are often first and foremost celebrities so it is unreasonable to expect them to be reasonable, articulate and compassionate people if they were not before coming out."

You are right Paula! But as a community? We are well known to "eat our own." Unfortunately in this instance with the Kartrashians it is much more difficult to separate fact from fiction-or ratings.

And amount of hormones or surgery changes a person's basic personality. A jerk easily can be a bitch too. In Caitlin Jenner's case we can only hope she becomes more informed about all the true problems in the transgender community.

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