Thursday, July 30, 2015

You Can Never Go Home-But You Can Just Go Away?

As you regulars here in Crysti's Condo have noticed-fewer posts this week. (Don't cheer dammit!) The real reason is another walk through hell this week. More than just 100 degree heat indexes.

I had access to Liz's 17 year old son to abuse for a couple days in my house. We managed to move several of my vintage furniture pieces downstairs to possibly sell. But, Tuesday was yet another fun day at the Doc's. To be blunt, I felt like shit. Of course a generic woman can just tie her hair back, toss on a pair of old jeans, t-shirt and head out. I just said "screw it" and did the same thing. Wrong-wrong-wrong I found.

Literally, the Doc was having a difficult finding me. Why? My name matched - but not my new picture he had for his system. He was a cool Doc and blunt as hell and flat out asked me WTH was I transgender??? I said Duh!!! yes!! Male name, female picture, male in his office?

Fortunately, he calmed down and he said he knew what was wrong with my liver and could be treated-about the time his assistant Doc came through (plus a resident student) and he said yes "he is trans" and he is in "boy drag" (my terms.)

In all fairness to them, the fact my hands skin have been falling off for the past months was fascinating. I just asked could have I have it "cured" by Halloween or was I saving costume money this year. By this time my humor was running thin and of course it was time to move on to other tests.

The week was far from over though. Thursday was hiding a uninsured fender bender accident on my "Roll's" and Friday morning my old dog has an emergency vet visit for an inflamed eye.

Hey! At the least life is never boring. Just wanted to check in and tell you all what was going on and yes-tomorrow night (Friday) is going to be a beautiful night for a "blue moon!" (not the beer!)

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