Transgender Snow Flakes?

Hopefully the world is finding one meeting or even television show at a time, we transgender women and trans men are as different as snowflakes. Pat, Connie and Mandy have mentioned many times how simply "making contact" in the world brings the public to us-not the reverse. Connie gets the credit for this quote:

"Transgender women or men who are shown by the media are done so for economic reasons. Whether it's supposed "reality" or portrayals in an entertainment sense, we can only hope that the general population does not use them as examples to define the rest of us. Gender Identity is the only thing we may have in common; the rest of who we are is as different as are snowflakes."

This quote from Connie actually came from one of my who/us posts and I paraphrase: Caitlin Jenner did take one for the team when she received her Espy Courage Award. On the other on Becoming Us Mtf transgender woman Carly, seems more interested in taking one for her. (Or in her case-taking one off.)

From my angle, all of the PR, does seem to be making my life easier. I look at it as a cooking mix of sort: Put in a mix of HRT (hair-skin-etc) add a pinch of public relations and baking it with my half baked friends!