Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Waffles and Bikers

Remember the ancient movie "The Poseidon Adventure"? One of the songs from the movie was "There Has to be a Morning After - A perfect description of our Sunday morning.I will write about why in another post about Liz and I's traditional Saturday nights during the Trans Ohio Symposium weekend.  Let's just say plenty of adult beverages and good food are involved.

However, one "pays" for one's good time and Sunday morning, breakfast along with gallons of coffee was in order! The closest place to our motel to get a reasonably priced quick breakfast was a Waffle House. Truly, I was a little sensitive about going there as the "Houses" are good, basic restaurants but aren't known for an upscale clientele in many places. Plus we were quoted a 20 minute wait time. Plenty of time for inquisitive eyes and comments.

I quickly relaxed as not much happened and hunger increased. Hell, I almost asked the hostess if the two seats beside the Bikers from Maine were open. Seemed like a good idea until Liz's elbow landed in my side.

The moral to the story was neither of us climbed on the back of a Harley motorcycle and headed for Maine. We just headed to the nearest "Cup O Joe" Columbus coffee house and ordered our fave "Buckeye". A "Buckeye"" is a decadent blend of coffee, peanut butter and chocolate. Then we headed back to Springfield, Dayton, and finally Cincinnati. Plenty of time to discuss all of the weekend!

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