Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sweating the Details

With summer weather around now for many of us, here in Cyrsti's Condo we have been looking just a bit at the effects of the season on us.

First of us, where you happen to identify or have progressed on the HRT ladder means a lot,  Back when I was struggling through my cross dressing years, the warm days of the year were a struggle. I had to wear long sleeves due to arm hair and my make up seemed to run off as fast as I applied it. It was tough. 

I was able to shave my legs before removing any of my arm hair, so the first clothing item I could shed were my hot panty hose and be able to "air cool" my legs and then shop-shop-shop for any sheer tops I could find. 

As far as makeup went, I just tried to go from one air conditioned place to another and do a "touch up." Most of the time I still felt like a wax candle left out in the sun to soften and melt.

As I have transitioned though, summer has become more "user friendly" for me. Starting at the bottom and moving up, I wanted and needed to put more emphasis on my feet if I wanted to wear sandals.  My legs became easier to keep up on since HRT has decreased my body hair (except beard.) As I mentioned my arms became the same way.
My beard never really changed. I would love to start electrolysis at some point at time-when I can afford it. In the meantime, I am fortunate to have never had a ton of beard growth and what I have is gray. A close shave and I am good for the day.

Overall, the biggest impact of warmer weather is how my body accepts it. I have written how HRT has destroyed my internal thermostat. Now being cold (really cold) in the winter equates out to being able to more comfortable in the summer.

So from fashion to living a full time feminine life summer this year is looking warm and inviting.

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