It's NOT That Difficult

I am in Cincinnati, Ohio. Today, on the heels of yesterday's mega coverage of  Prez Obama coming out against gay/transgender conversion therapy-the local tragic(local) Leelah Alcorn suicide story was featured. Then today, yet another story of a teen trans suicide went public.
It occurred to me (again) we are missing something here (other than the obvious). Maybe missing the forest for the trees. If I was writing my own version of "Parenting a Transgender Child for Dummies", here are my basics:

  1. You face a Very REAL 41% chance of your child committing suicide.  COUNT on it.
  2. YOUR Child will be bullied- COUNT on it. Remember too-bullying is a multi generational institution. Others kids learn it.
  3. Monitor your child's social media. Bully's live like cock roaches on social media and often are just as intelligent.
  4. Religion may help YOU-but not your child. Jesus is not walking down the hall at school with your child. 
  5. Each case/child is different but you and your child are NOT alone-increasingly so.
  6. Remember the "P" words. This is not a phase but then again your child can grow into the many different layers of growth. If protected and nurtured.
  7. Understand you are raising a very unique and special child.
  8. There is NO luck to this. It's what you make of it.
  9. The chance of you mourning a child you never really knew is VERY real. 
  10. You CAN help.
Rest assured I am not qualified to write a book such as this. On the other hand if we are ever going to stop this insanity, we are going to have to go to the parents with grass roots efforts. - and make the parents of bully's criminally liable.