"Color Blind"-A Girl's Night In.

This week at Liz's house, it was "gray attack" night on Tuesday. In other words, the gray hair roots on our noggins were progressing nicely and had to be put back in their place-concealed.

I know there are several of you who are fortunate enough to have the budget to be able to go to a salon to have your hair colored. I just can't but wish I could! Being pampered in a salon is an experience like no other...but-

Previously here in Cyrsti's Condo I have mentioned the major trials and tribulations of coloring ones hair. First, you have to pick out the color and of course somehow get it applied to your noggin. The ways to do it are- a friend or partner (like Liz) or yourself. The last time I colored, I did do it myself and yes I did OK. This time Liz colored mine (better) but then I colored hers. A little scary. Why?

You can't just "slop it on." Especially if you have a bunch of hair like both of us do. Take my word for it, you don't want to have several spots you missed. If you rub too hard it's possible to burn the scalp so you have to use the applicator to get to those pesky gray roots.

Finally, the past colors you have used factor in. Example? Once I went to a much darker color last fall, it is tougher now to easily lighten up my hair for spring/summer. When you recolor, the end product is affected by the beginning product. (Gray)

These days, I am wearing my hair pushed back behind my ears and soft bangs over the forehead. Essentially my goal is to keep lightening the hair around my temples which gray the most and my main part on top to a softer red for the season.

We will see-literally! I should color about once every 4 weeks-just in time for my Trans Ohio Symposium workshop!