Thursday, March 12, 2015

Survival in the Passing Lane?

Sometime ago I remember Stana on Femulate just rocking some hater/troll's world who told her she couldn't/wouldn't pass.I paraphrase but she (Stana) said "I always pass correctly. I make sure the lane is clear and use my turn signals properly." I loved her comment!

My perception of passing for years now goes back to what an long time cross dressing acquaintance said (again) a long time ago: I passed out of will power. Meaning, I was not a natural.  Although HRT has helped, I know I will never be a "natural" but that's OK too.

In many ways. I compare myself to one of the less than beautiful girls in school who overcame the shallow "appearance" factor to be a quality person.  She never lacked for friends.

Ironically, I was writing this post when I jumped over to Femulate and read Stana's latest post.  She wrote about "passing" meant women and men.  She is completely correct.  Women will check you from head to toe. Generics know the effort it takes to "present" at the highest level. They have to do it too.

So, these days, passing to me is having some sort of an idea of what is appropriate dress for the occasion to blend.  After I blend then I can pass and I am not writing at all about how I look. What tends to happen with me is, I have a tendency to keep interacting with a person or two I have met after the events/meetings Liz and I go to. Mind you, for whatever reason, these people are always generics. Men stay away for the most part, which is a topic for another blog post.

Finally, as much as I would like too, I must factor age into all of this. After all, I am 65 and I am far past being the sexiest person in the room. On the other hand, 65 brings a wealth of knowledge which I am just beginning to tap as a trans woman.  It is a narrow path to walk but so far I'm "passing" the test.

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