Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Yet Another Chance for the Military

In typical government fashion, congress, politicians and career bureaucrats, Defense Secretary Hagle is out the door and Ashton Carter is  being "interviewed" for the job.  Now Washington has a huge chance to fix the biggest hypocrisy going on in our country today - How we treat transgender military members. Carter should answer a question without a doubt about what he would do if appointed..But-

I don't think there is a cold chance in Washington,  he will say anything other than he understands  the issue is under "study"- yeah right-but he doesn't know for sure. Then again he could and will look into the phantom study. 

Well,  you military members know if  Carter is approved-his "short timers" calendar will start. New president in a couple years and out he goes to some sort of cushy consulting job and yet a new study.

As you all know, I am a transgender vet and at one time in my past I served my country for the right to lose mine when I came out.  Can you tell I have strong feelings????

Check this story from Salon

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