Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cyrsti's Condo "S"and "D"

On occasion I still run across the individual who dismisses quickly they could never look like a woman.  Truly, I have happened along a few of men who looking feminine at all would be a real process....but-

There are just as many men who won't/can't put the work into an exterior passing presentation. At the least, logic tells us you need to start with the basics.  You need to watch your weight and take care of your skin.

Lately, to get ahead of the summer fashion curve, I have been stepping up my game.  It's no fun to diet by yourself and don't you just have to have a diet to talk to another woman about? Now I do, and yes it is working.  Of course, as my snarky sister in law commented "well, men lose weight faster than women anyhow." I shot back " How bout a man who has been on female hormones for two years?"

So far so good, I have lost a certain amount of poundage which I can talk about in feminine circles and make me look a little better.

As far as my skin goes, facing 65 years of wear and tear in the mirror is tough but the best I can do is take care of what I have.  Again I have fallen back on Liz's expertise on moisturizers and skin cleansers etc.

It's quite the project! On the bright side, you guys are now allowed to take better care of your skin and hair. So, being a cross dresser isn't so dramatic.  Just forget about the 3 minute grooming process before work in the morning!

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