Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A "Piece of Tail?"

So much going on in my life now, it seems as if I will have to grow a tail to chase it just to try to stay up.

In no particular order (or importance) let's talk about the pure vanity of presenting the absolute best feminine look you can-then living with it and living with it.  I began to think about the differences in my exterior life now than back in the day- when I was just starting to make my way in the world.  As Seattle Seahawk fan Connie Malone said after the extremely ill fated pass at the goal line which cost them the Super Bowl (I paraphrase) "The Seahawks aren't alone-most of us have made bad choices when we have tried to "pass.". As any of my generic readers such as Liz and Maria would say "it's all in the details!"

Weekend details for me included yet another round of my endless battle against gray hair and Liz colored away. Lately, I have been having fun running around yelling "The Moose is Loose!" I have been trying to master the "science" of hair mousse. If I do it right, after shampooing and conditioning I love the soft curls the mousse gives me when my hair dries.

Interestingly, all of this activity has led to less intense "socializing" and more "just living." I'm turning the corner from being this "entrancing" critter I see in the mirror to damn I'm old! And what's up with people just accepting me as a person?

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