Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Coming Home?

Ask any natives of my part of Southwestern Ohio about the small village of Yellow Springs and they will say or think "liberal or hippie" central. I'm "more mature" of course and remember back in the day how the military draft and service itself effected me. When I was home on leave-a trip to "the Springs" would allow me to see how the "other half" lived and I died a little bit inside everytime for a couple reasons.  Of course I would have rather been there with the long hair than in the military with the short. Very few knew of course (none) I actually identified with the women with long hair. Ironically, I am fairly sure I got more negative reaction then from being a G.I.(military) than now being transgender.

After the Army, I ended up again away from Springfield/Yellow Springs area for any number of reasons-mostly employment.  I never did forget though (with all respect to the Beatles) the girls with "kaleidoscope eyes" I saw first in YS. 

These days, as I have been blessed with my own head of hair, going back to Yellow Springs and all it's small shops is going home- especially everytime when I see small stickers on many of the merchant's doors saying everyone is welcome in their diverse village.  I feel much better these days because I think the little oasis of hippie/liberal thought is being relevant again in our often gender twisted world!

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