Burning Transgender Bridges

I considered naming this post after "Last Call" (I paraphrase), I don't care where you go-but you can't stay here. In my case at least, I haven't had anyone tell me to my face I had a choice in transitioning to a transgender woman's life. I used to think of the transitioning process as "jumping off a cliff".  Now burning bridges seems more appropriate. You have a chance to look back and see how well the fire is burning, how well is your bridge holding up and how fast can you run.

It's also important to not let others see you burning your bridges-or at least the fire. I had an experience last night at a dinner meetup (meetings) in one of Liz's groups.  Several members bring their kids on occasion.  For the most part, they are overwhelmingly girls. Interestingly, one of them is exceedingly androgynous and exceedingly shy.  After a little research Liz and I found she was a generic and even had a androgynous name.

Last night though, another 14 something? girl was there.  She, I presume hadn't seen much of me at other meetings.  As many other teen girls do, they sense a difference in me which I think goes past looks these days. HRT life changes are real feminine gender enablers. (More than I ever considered.) As it turned out, she and I were brought face to face a couple of times during the evening and as always with generics-the eyes say it all.  Hers had a mixture of curiosity and acceptance. The last thing I wanted to do was show her any of my gender bridges still on fire.  I smiled and softly said hello as she attacked the M&M's on the food bar.

 From then on I blended back into the fast moving world of a teen aged critter. After all, there was her cell phone to consider! I wondered briefly if I had any part of her conversation but then remembered my own advice. It doesn't have to be about me at all.


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